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Video lectures on Sencha Touch 2.0

You can view few introductory video sessions on Sencha Touch 2.0. You can find the videos in DuraSoft site as well.

The plan is to upload atleast 2 videos per week.

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19 Responses

  1. Prabhu

    I am glad you enjoyed it

  2. Pargat

    Thanks Prabhu. Excellent videos.

    1. Prabhu

      Good to know you liked it.

  3. Vaidehi

    Very Impressive, Prabhu. I guess dummies like me can start coding now!

    1. Prabhu

      That’s the whole intent :)

  4. Sencha Touch 2 using Eclipse

    […] can view videos of Sencha Touch v2 here. Share this on: Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook […]

  5. RiiezZkhaadwiiee

    Some extras:Sencha: pro: has great tools for bnildiug apps and animations (WYSIWYG).con: works only on webkit. Everything is javascript based (need to write a custom solution for SEO).jQueryMobile: pro: it’s jQuery (popular). support old (class B and C) browsers. cons: lots of KBs, still a bit buggy (some aren’t their fault though, e.g. FIXED positioned tabs).SproutCore: pro: real MVC. con: lots of KBs.Zepto and XUI are slim but are not a full fledged frameworks.. leave much of the work to you.

  6. Gnanasuriyan

    Simply super. I have planed for start development using Secha touch, and I got fair idea about Sencha Touch now. Thank you so much and I request you to post these kind of videos lot.

  7. Ramakrishna Thota

    Hi Prabhu,

    I started working on Sencha Touch framework i want to run Demo application on Android Simulator from Eclipse it is not working please help me out i am working from 7 days.

  8. Thota Ramakrishna

    Thank you for your tremendous support . your blog is superb, I will start with eclipse i have one more problem please help me out in this also. I downloaded Sencha Architect when i am trying to open i am getting following problem .

    Sencha Architect.exe Entry point not found
    The procedure entry point ?? MSVCR100.dll problem

  9. Thota Ramakrishna


    Can you please post the project structure in Eclipse ?

  10. Thota Ramakrishna

    Thank you Prabhu.

  11. Kvsk

    Hi prabhu

    Recently i started working on sencha Framework ,i made customizations in apps but
    I am facing problem while deploying the apps .

    error is
    [INFO] Deploying your application to D:\xampp\htdocs\demoapp\build\testing
    [INFO] Copied sdk/sencha-touch.js
    [INFO] Copied app.js
    [INFO] Copied resources/css/app.css
    [INFO] Copied resources/images
    [INFO] Copied resources/icons
    [INFO] Copied resources/startup
    [INFO] Resolving your application dependencies (http://localhost/demoapp/index.h
    [ERROR] CreateProcessW: The system cannot find the file specified.

    [ERROR] Failed loading your application from: ‘http://localhost/demoapp/

    Please give me positive response………………..


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