Prabhu Sunderaraman

Classes in JavaScript

JavaScript is a functional Object-Oriented language. The language’s first class citizens are functions. Functions can be assigned as literals to variables as shown below. var workOut = function(calories){ document.write("Burning " + calories + " calories); } workOut(100); Functions can also […]

Dive into Android development – V

Let’s try to connect to a server resource from an Android application and display the data. I have created a very simple JSP page ‘server.jsp’ that returns the server date and time. This date and time will be displayed in […]

arguments in JavaScript

Ext JS 4 involves calling this.callParent(arguments) from the initComponent method of a view component. For quite some time I was thinking that arguments is a pre-defined variable in Ext JS 4 before I started reading  the book  “JavaScript: The Good […]

extraParams in Ext JS 4

A Store instance in Ext JS4 uses a Proxy object to connect to the server. If you want to pass parameters to the proxy dynamically you can make use of the extraParams property. Let’s discuss a simple example to see […]

Dive into Android Development – IV

Like many other native applications, Android applications are also single threaded.  There is only one thread ie., the UI thread in the application. So for performing a continuous activity, you need to create a separate worker thread and run it. […]