MVP example in GWT

GWT applications are designed using Model-View-Presenter (MVP) pattern. You can find a sample MVP application at The MVP example has been slightly tweaked. The application throws up a textbox where you can enter a name of a country. On […]

Charts in GXT 3

Charts in GXT 3

You can find a basic pie and bar chart implementation in in GXT 3. The example displays the charts as shown below.

Basic Grid using UiBinder in GXT3

UiBinder in GWT provides you a facility for declarative UI. The UI is defined in a xml file and the code associated with the UI is defined in a separate java file. You can find a grid example in GXT3 […]

JSON Grid in GXT 3

A basic grid in Sencha GXT3 that displays JSON data can be found in in The JSON data that is loaded using HttpProxy class is shown below. { "countries" : [ { "name": "India" , "capital" : "New Delhi"}, […]

HelloWorld and Basic Grid in GXT 3

Simple Hello world and Grid examples in GXT 3 have been posted as two separate eclipse projects in site. The HelloWorld example displays ‘hello world‘ in a MessageBox. The BasicGridInGXT3 example displays the list of countries and their capitals […]