JSON data from NodeJS into iPhone app

Given below is a simple example of loading JSON data from a Node JS application into an iPhone application. The JSON data is serialized into a collection class. The Node JS application is a http server implementation that returns a […]

TDD in iPhone applications

One aspect of development of apps for iOS devices, that has surprised me is developers ignoring the unit testing capabilities of Objective-C. Most of the developers who develop apps on iPhone ignore the testcase files that are created while creating […]

Java to Objective-C

Came across an alpha version of a Google‘s open source project known as j2objc. This tool converts the Java code to Objective-C code targeting the iOS platform. There are plenty of language conversion tools that have been around for years. […]

Interesting analogy for retain and release

Understanding retain and release keywords in Objective-C 2.0 is a challenge. I came across an interesting analogy on retain and release, by Aaron Hillegass. His analogy has been quoted in one of the topic threads at StackOverflow. The analogy compares […]

Plain Old Objective-C class – IV

The equivalent of interfaces in Java and C# in Objective-C are the Protocols and not the @interface that you use to declare the methods and variables. A protocol is defined using @protocol directive. It can have mandatory and optional members. […]