GuessingGame logic in Sencha Touch 2.0

It’s fun writing OO code Sencha Touch 2.0. Ext.define is used to define clases and Ext.create for creating objects. Ext.define has it’s own set of rules to define properties, constructors, methods etc. Here is an example of the favourite Guessing […]

Update on video sessions in Sencha Touch 2.0

My work on creating video sessions in Sencha Touch 2.0 is progressing at a good speed. Thanks to the increasing number of inquiries regarding this, which is keeping me on my toes. Looks like it’ll take couple of more days […]

Interesting read

Came across this interesting article on InfoQ about a survey on the adoption of various cross-platform tools by the developers. PhoneGap and Sencha Touch seem to be the top two tools actively used by developers. At the same time, PhoneGap […]


I have decided to take a plunge into the blogsphere, though pretty late by the industry standards by posting a series of articles on mobile apps.Let’s crack some real code and have fun.