Prabhu Sunderaraman

Interesting read-Spoon feeding programmers

Interacting with a number of developers every week keeps reminding me of an article about Spoon feeding programmers in Java Programming Forums. You can easily categorize the developers into the smart ones and the ones that need to be spoon […]

Mobile development and Node.js

In an earlier post on Node.js, you saw how it can really improve the productivity by using it’s standalone JavaScript runtime to execute the scripts. The Node.js home page provides a six liner example of creating a simple Web server […]

Interesting analogy for retain and release

Understanding retain and release keywords in Objective-C 2.0 is a challenge. I came across an interesting analogy on retain and release, by Aaron Hillegass. His analogy has been quoted in one of the topic threads at StackOverflow. The analogy compares […]

Plain Old Objective-C class – IV

The equivalent of interfaces in Java and C# in Objective-C are the Protocols and not the @interface that you use to declare the methods and variables. A protocol is defined using @protocol directive. It can have mandatory and optional members. […]

Improved productivity with Node.js

Improved productivity with Node.js

Writing raw JavaScript code and running it in a browser to test it has always been a non-agile technique. You have to unneccesarily create a HTML page, include the JavaScript code in it and run the HTML page in a […]