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Web presentations

My interest in power point presentations faded away few years back. Creating power point slides for presentations and sharing them by converting to PDF documents or uploading in slideshare is a tedious task. I have been treating this job as an unproductive work always.

But off late, my interest in presentations has been rekindled after with HTML 5 web presentations. Here is a sample web presentation. The audience gets amused whenever something like this is showed. The menu option(enter m) and goto option(enter g) are really cool features.

It’s very easy to share presentations to the users. You have to just share the URL. Downloading the slides or mailing them as attachments is not required anymore.

There are number of tools that can be used to create web presentations. One of them is deck.js. The sample presentation has been created in deck.js.

The only issue is typing in HTML5 code to create this. I’m still looking for options that can make this job easier as well. Also, it would be good if there’s an option in WordPress to create web presentations as posts.

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