Prabhu Sunderaraman

Plain Old Objective-C class – II

In the earlier post we had a simple Car class with model and year variables. The Car interface had the declarations for model and year properties and the implementation had the setter/getter methods for these. It’s pretty frustrating to hand-toss […]

Plain Old Objective-C class

Let’s create a simple class Car with model and year properties and getter/setter methods in Objective-C. In Objective-C the class implementation is split into two parts, the interface definition and the implementation. The interface is defined in a .h file […]

GuessingGame logic in Sencha Touch 2.0

It’s fun writing OO code Sencha Touch 2.0. Ext.define is used to define clases and Ext.create for creating objects. Ext.define has it’s own set of rules to define properties, constructors, methods etc. Here is an example of the favourite Guessing […]

Dynamic access in JavaScript

A simple yet powerful feature in JavaScript that can save you several lines of code is the ability to dynamically access members of a class(or a function). A Calculator function is shown below function Calculator(){ this.add = function(num1,num2){ return num1+num2; […]

Snapshots of using Sencha Touch in  Eclipse

Snapshots of using Sencha Touch in Eclipse

Given here are snapshots of working with Sencha 2 using Eclipse-Indigo. You can create a “Dynamic Web Project” in Eclipse and copy the core sencha libraries to the “WebContent” folder. Shown below is a sample web project in Eclipse with […]