Prabhu Sunderaraman

PhoneGap name confusion

If you have been working with PhoneGap 1.0 and trying to move to the latest version of PhoneGap, 1.5, one of the things that may leave you scratching your head, is a set of new files “cordova-1.5.0.js” and “cordova-1.5.0.jar” found […]

Loading PhoneGap library for different devices

Maintaining single codebase while building native mobile applications is one of the reasons for using PhoneGap. PhoneGap provides a separate JavaScript library for different devices. Based on the device you have to load the appropriate PhoneGap JS files. Say, your […]

Video lectures on Sencha Touch 2.0

You can view few introductory video sessions on Sencha Touch 2.0. You can find the videos in DuraSoft site as well. The plan is to upload atleast 2 videos per week.

Update on video sessions in Sencha Touch 2.0

My work on creating video sessions in Sencha Touch 2.0 is progressing at a good speed. Thanks to the increasing number of inquiries regarding this, which is keeping me on my toes. Looks like it’ll take couple of more days […]

Global variables in JavaScript

It’s normal to get caught in the web of global variables, while working with JavaScript. Global variables tend to make the code less readable and maintainable. Douglas Crockford suggests a pattern that can be used to maintain global variables in […]