Prabhu Sunderaraman

Interesting read

Came across this interesting article on InfoQ about a survey on the adoption of various cross-platform tools by the developers. PhoneGap and Sencha Touch seem to be the top two tools actively used by developers. At the same time, PhoneGap […]

Modularize JavaScript with Backbone

The jQuery code that I have used in projects have always had modularity issues. The code looks clumsy and messy making it very difficult to maintain. My work with Ext JS4 and Sencha Touch made me looking for a MVC […]

Dive into Android development – VI

Dive into Android development – VI

Let’s develop a simple Android application to perform dial-up and SMS operations. Let’s have two buttons “Call” and “SMS” as shown below. Clicking these buttons will perform the appropriate actions. The resource layout file for the two buttons is given […]

Multiple data sources in Grails 2.0

One of my favourite features in Grails 2.0 is the support for configuring multiple data sources. I remember playing with the spring resources to configure multiple data sources in one of my client assignments. Grails 2.0 brings in a built-in […]

Function Statements and Expressions in JavaScript

JavaScript is not really taken very seriously as a programming language, when it has to be. This statement comes to my mind whenever I read the book JavaScript, Good Parts. In JavaScript you can define a function as a statement […]