Prabhu Sunderaraman

Dive into Android development – III

Now that we are off the starting trouble in Android development, let’s develop a simple login page. We will create username/password fields with a login button. If the username is “Admin” and password is “Admin123” we will display a valid […]

Dive into Android development – II

We had Eclipse IDE with Android plugins configured in the earlier post. Let’s start with our traditional hello world example. The application should pop up a Hello World dialog box. Let’s create a simple Android project in Eclipse, call it […]

Dive into Android development – I

After a series of posts on jQuery plugin I thought I should write a few on developing apps for the android platform. There are plenty of articles/books on android development, apart from the very good documentation on android provided by […]

Grails, Sencha Touch and MVC

It’s pretty tedious implementing MVC pattern in Sencha Touch applications. Sencha Touch provides facilities for modularizing the JavaScript code using MVC, but not as easy as Grails does. Grails enforces MVC seamlessly. The structure of a Grails application looks like […]

jQuery Plugin – III

“fn” property in $ is used to attach new functions in jQuery. You can also develop plugins by using global functions. You can directly assign a new method to $ function as given below:$.xxx = function(){…} Say you want to capitalize […]