jQuery Plugin – III

“fn” property in $ is used to attach new functions in jQuery. You can also develop plugins by using global functions. You can directly assign a new method to $ function as given below:$.xxx = function(){…} Say you want to capitalize […]

jQuery Plugin – II

In my previous post, I discussed creating a simple plugin in jQuery using the “fn” property. Let’s extend it further.jQuery  provides a method chaining mechanism that makes coding easy. Say, you want to change the color of a text and […]

jQuery Plugin – I

jQuery is used in lot of projects these days, and one of the challenges is to write reusable, modularized code. jQuery Plugin is an approach to extending core jQuery API and creating reusable code. There a number of ways of […]

$ in jQuery?

During the initial days of coding with Prototype and jQuery libraries what used to baffle me is the $ (dollar) syntax. I used to wonder what really this dollar sign meant in the following jQuery statements. $().ready(function(){     …});$(“#message”).html()Let me […]