Callbacks() in jQuery

There are different operations that you want to perform on some data. The functionalities that you want to perform will depend on the user input or actions. Now, the implementation looks like normal function calls based on some conditions. Things […]

TicTacToe using jQuery

Interacting with a bunch of developers this week gave me an idea to try out TicTacToe game using jQuery. An unformatted TicTacToe application implemented using jQuery is hosted in this URL. The tictactoe.js file implemented using jQuery is shown below: […]

GuessingGame using KnockOut and jQuery

Back to bread and butter :), Guessing Game. This time using KnockOut.js and jQuery. The screen shots for the Guessing Game can be found in one of my earlier posts. You can read the introductory post about KnockOut.js here. The […]

.on() in jQuery and Sencha

jQuery and Ext JS4/Sencha Touch are getting increasingly similar by the day. jQuery 1.7 has introduced a new function .on() for handling events which is similar to the on() of Sencha Touch. Say you have a button with id “loginBtn“, […]

Emulating .val() function in jQuery

Delving into the implementation details of a JavaScript library has always been an enjoyable experience. A group of us were emulating the $(“#id”).val() method provided by jQuery. jQuery provides a val() function on input elements. A val() function returns the […]