Another JavaScript library-Kendo UI

Yet another JavaScript library for mobile applications, KendoUI from Telerik has started making some noise. Few noticeable points, at a first glance about Kendo UI. Kendo UI provides widgets that can be used in web applications, pretty similar to jQuery […]

Issues with standalone jQuery/jQuery Mobile

Scanning the code of my recently concluded project using jQuery and jQuery Mobile threw light on a number of issues with using these two libraries in a project. Yes, there are lot of positive points of using jQuery/jQM but let’s […]

Mobile development and Node.js

In an earlier post on Node.js, you saw how it can really improve the productivity by using it’s standalone JavaScript runtime to execute the scripts. The Node.js home page provides a six liner example of creating a simple Web server […]

PhoneGap name confusion

If you have been working with PhoneGap 1.0 and trying to move to the latest version of PhoneGap, 1.5, one of the things that may leave you scratching your head, is a set of new files “cordova-1.5.0.js” and “cordova-1.5.0.jar” found […]

Loading PhoneGap library for different devices

Maintaining single codebase while building native mobile applications is one of the reasons for using PhoneGap. PhoneGap provides a separate JavaScript library for different devices. Based on the device you have to load the appropriate PhoneGap JS files. Say, your […]