Video lectures on Sencha Touch 2.0

You can view few introductory video sessions on Sencha Touch 2.0. You can find the videos in DuraSoft site as well. The plan is to upload atleast 2 videos per week.

Simple MVC application using Sencha 2.0

My first video post on creating a simple MVC application using Sencha Touch 2.0. Have fun!!!

Dive into Android development – V

Let’s try to connect to a server resource from an Android application and display the data. I have created a very simple JSP page ‘server.jsp’ that returns the server date and time. This date and time will be displayed in […]

Dive into Android Development – IV

Like many other native applications, Android applications are also single threaded.  There is only one thread ie., the UI thread in the application. So for performing a continuous activity, you need to create a separate worker thread and run it. […]

Dive into Android development – III

Now that we are off the starting trouble in Android development, let’s develop a simple login page. We will create username/password fields with a login button. If the username is “Admin” and password is “Admin123” we will display a valid […]