Interesting read about Spring Framework 4.0

Groovy/Grails has really spoiled developers like us. Working in Java with core Spring libraries seems to be a bitter pill these days. Though we can configure Groovy classes as beans in Spring it only looks like a plugin in the […]

Tech predictions 2013, interesting read …

Every year, Ted Neward‘s article on tech predictions for the new year, and review of technologies in the past year has been my favorite read. You can read his latest post on tech predictions for 2013 at http://blogs.tedneward.com/2013/01/01/Tech+Predictions+2013.aspx

Code on GitHub

The code that we discuss in this blog will we available on GitHub repositories in https://github.com/prabhu-durasoft from now onwards. I’m also in the process of moving the code in some of the older posts to the repositories.