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JUG Meetup in Chennai with Venkat

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Venkat Subramaniam‘s talks are funfairs. I have been listening to Venkat for the last 15 years and it’s only getting better. Last week I was fortunate to attend a day long session with Venkat in Chennai, organised by the Java User Group.
Entry of speakers to the hall invites myriad responses from the audience. When Venkat enters a conference hall to speak, people’s eyes brighten up, their faces immediately put up a nice smile and everyone turns their minds on to a charging mode. Yes, Venkat’s sessions charges you fully and lifts up your spirits.

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The first talk was about ‘The Power and Perils of Parallel Streams‘. Venkat started with the Threading model and the API in Java and how it has evolved over a period of time. He introduced to the Stream API in Java 8 and discussed parallelism in it. A Few key take away points in this session:

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