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Last Year

2015 was busy with several months of travel. I met a number of smart people from who I learnt a lot. And yes, dabbled with a several tools, languages and frameworks. Here’s a list of things I did in the professional front.

  • The new language that I got a chance to use was CoffeeScript. Indentation drove me crazy initially, but then started loving it.
  • The new technology that I learnt and used extensively was ElasticSearch. My foray into Big Data started with ElasticSearch. And it helped me gain very good clarity in this front.
  • The one and only editor I used was Textmate
  • Used Ruby, Groovy and Scala for a number of utilities that improved productivity. JavaScript remained the most used language last year, however.
  • Read atleast one technical book every week, thanks to Kindle. My favourite for the year was ‘Programming Clojure’ by Stuart Halloway
  • Attended just two conferences last year, which included a workshop on Microservices architecture.
  • My favourite sites for hunting top talent were Upwork and Fiverr.
  • The Continuous Integration/Deployment tool that I used for most of my work was Semaphore
  • I was hooked on to Courseera for mastering core Computer Science concepts
  • We closed down HealthyCode magazine, despite excellent reviews, because of the blood bath. But the learning was remarkable. How else would I have got a chance to meet people like Richard Stallman, Bruce Tate and several great minds, if not for the magazine? They literally reshaped me in the first half of the year.
  • I worked in two products. One was technically very satisfying, but mismanagement of the team killed it. The other one technically very challenging and is still going very strong.
  • I wrote fewer blog posts. I hope to improve the number this year.
  • I created Table of Contents on two technologies that I wanted to write for my third book. But didn’t find the correct time and match for taking it forward.
  • I drifted away from Java even further.

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