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About me

Prabhu Sunderaraman


M.Sc.(Tech) Engineering Technology and M.E Software Systems both from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan.

  • Consultant at DuraSoft, India.
  • Have consulted and trained professionals from companies like Intuit, Accenture, PwC, Wells Fargo, ACI WorldWide, MSCI, Cognizant, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Lexmark etc., and several small, medium and large-sized companies in India, US, Europe, Israel and Middle East.
  • Hands on developer. Worked with several companies like Verizon, Staples as a Remote Engineer and engineered several products for companies all over the world like Saudi Aramco, Asurion, CertaPro, BCCI
  • Extremely fluent in coding in multiple languages and using a variety of IDEs and frameworks.
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  • Use Test Driven Development practices heavily in the projects I work on.
  • Specialized in building engineering teams
  • Provided corporate training in software development technologies for the last 16 years.
  • Offered more than 400 corporate training sessions and trained over 5000 professional developers all over the world.
  • Watch my Youtube Video channel for videos on GoLang, Kotlin, Spring Boot, JavaScript, Scala, Sencha, Groovy etc.,
  • Co-founded WorkingSide, a recruitment startup with Angel funding from one of the founders of ESPNCricinfo. Now defunct.
  • Editor of HealthyCode(now defunct) programming magazine from 2013-2015. Have interviewed the likes of Richard Stallman, Bruce Tate, Venkat Subramaniam and so on.
  • Practitioner of KravMaga for several years. And a qualified Civilian Instructor!!!
  • I like solving problems using some new language or the other. Implementing Advent of Code, programming riddles is a favorite pastime.
  • Currently working as a Remote Developer/Lead/Architect in the EST. Working with Kafka, Couchbase, Azure, Uber Cadence and so on
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