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Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

I have been a great fan of Bruce Tate for years now. I just randomly picked up his book ‘Better, Faster, Lighter Java’  before my flight from Chennai to Delhi few years back. I completed the whole book at one shot during the journey. I had never come across a technical book written in such an entertaining manner before that. I started patronizing open source frameworks like Hibernate, Spring during my talks and assignments with much aplomb after reading this book. I used Bruce Tate’s ‘Bitter EJB’ as a shield to argue with those who were blindly in love with EJB during it’s time.
I stopped reading his books and articles for a year when I was writing my book on Spring 3.0, so that I don’t copy his words,phrases or his style of writing even sub-consciously. After completing my book, I bought a Kindle and the first book that went into it was Bruce Tate’s Seven Languages in Seven Weeks.

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks is an enjoyable book for those who take pleasure in coding in different languages. It talks about Scala, Erlang, Clojure, Ruby, Haskell, Io and Prolog. I wonder why Groovy was  left out, probably Ruby is first of its kind.
I happened to lay my hands on this book last weekend to refer to a couple of points and the excitement caught me on. Every time I read this book I land up learning something new.  
You can get a copy of the book from It’s worth spending seven weekends on it, if not for seven weeks. 

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