Prabhu Sunderaraman

$ in jQuery?

During the initial days of coding with Prototype and jQuery libraries what used to baffle me is the $ (dollar) syntax. I used to wonder what really this dollar sign meant in the following jQuery statements. $().ready(function(){     …});$(“#message”).html()Let me […]

Java, C#, Groovy, Ext JS4 and constructors

I have always found writing/generating constructors for a class a very boring task in Java. I wanted a much easier way to initialize member variables instead of writing overloaded constructors. If you want to write a simple “Employee” class with […]

Mobile web applications using Sencha Touch

My stint with mobile applications started with developing a mobile version of my company site. One of my clients suggested I use a mobile framework known as Sencha Touch.  Sencha Touch is a JavaScript library with a rich set of […]

Mobile native app using PhoneGap

Creating native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms involves using a variety of tools and APIs. The issue has always been maintenance. Maintaining three different code bases is always a tedious task. Moreover there is a practical problem […]

My book in the shelves

My Spring 3.0 Black Book in the shelves of Chennai book fair 2012.