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.on() in jQuery and Sencha

jQuery and Ext JS4/Sencha Touch are getting increasingly similar by the day.
jQuery 1.7 has introduced a new function .on() for handling events which is similar to the on() of Sencha Touch.
Say you have a button with id “loginBtn“, you can handle the click event as given below.

	//Your goes code goes here

Now compare the same with Sencha Touch. You can handle the tap event as given below.

	//Your code goes here

Extremely interesting for developers who work with both!!!

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  1. A.Gnanasuriyan

    Yes, I have also noticed that . The following link helps me to get some more information about on(), bind(), delegate() and live() methods present in JQuery.

  2. Badri Narayan

    Good article. Learnt something new. Thanks

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