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Emulating .val() function in jQuery

Delving into the implementation details of a JavaScript library has always been an enjoyable experience. A group of us were emulating the $(“#id”).val() method provided by jQuery. jQuery provides a val() function on input elements. A val() function returns the value of the input element and a val(“value”) sets the value of the input element.

	function $(expression) {
            if (expression.indexOf("#") != -1) {
	                var id = expression.split("#")[1];
        	        return document.getElementById(id);
	HTMLInputElement.prototype.val = function (text) {
            if (text)
                this.value = text;
                return this.value;
	//You can use it as $("#idOfTheElement").val("hello");

The $ method resolves the expression “#id” and returns the DOM object associated with the id. You can wire up a val function using “prototype” keyword on the HtmlInputElement class.

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